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William Atchison · Aztec High School
Lattin v. United States of America [18 pp, 204 Kb]

The mother of one of Atchison’s victims sued the FBI for not preventing the attack. The FBI had investigated Atchison in 2016 following a post of his inquiring about “where to find cheap rifles for a mass shooting.”

Kenneth Bartley · Campbell County High School
Bartley v. Tennessee 2010 [52 pp, 172 Kb]
Bartley v. Tennessee 2013 [26 pp, 168 Kb]
Tennessee v. Bartley 2014 [4 pp, 861 Kb]
Nathaniel Berhow · Saugus High School
Nathaniel Berhow Court Case [24 pp, 373 Kb]
Amy Bishop · University of Alabama
2010: Inquest into the Death of Seth Bishop [181 pp, 10 Mb]

This is part of the inquest (the entire document reportedly has not been made public) into the death of Amy Bishop’s brother, Seth. Bishop shot him in 1986 and claimed it was an accident. After her school shooting in 2010, the case was reopened and this inquest was conducted.

2011: Johnson v. Bishop [28 pp, 70 Kb]

During a faculty meeting on February 12, 2010 Professor Amy Bishop opened fire on her colleagues, killing three and wounding three others. In 2011, Dr. Vistasp Karbhari (Provost and Vice-President of Academic Affairs) was tried for not following the university's policy regarding employees who are in crisis on the grounds that he was aware that Bishop was in a state of psychological crisis.

2011: Moriarty v. Amy Bishop Anderson [9 pp, 212 Kb]

This document lists allegations by Debra Moriarty against Bishop (referred to by her full married name of Amy Bishop Anderson) and her husband, James Anderson.

2013: Amy Bishop Anderson v. State of Alabama [67 pp, 2.5 Mb]

Bishop claimed that her guilty plea was involuntary and appealed the case. The appeal was denied. The court case presents a detailed summary of the events leading up to, during, and after her attack.

2014: Amy Bishop Appeal [13 pp, 118 Kb]

Amy Bishop challenged many things about her trial and its outcome. This case responds to these challenges by dismissing them as without merit.

Amy Bishop's Affidavit [93 pp, 3.51 Mb]

This is actually a collection of Exhibits A through J from Bishop’s trial. It begins with Bishop’s first-person account of her mental deterioration leading up to her attack, including her paranoid delusions. 

Nathaniel Brazill · Lake Worth Middle School
Brazill v. Florida 2003 [10 pp, 109 Kb]

This document provides details of Brazill’s behavior the day of the attack and addresses several legal challenges he made regarding his conviction.

Grunow v. Valor Corporation of Florida [19 pp, 312 Kb]

This is one of several attempts to hold the makers of Brazill’s gun liable for damages. 

Looking Backwards: A Sentencing Report on Behalf of Nathaniel Brazill [11 pp, 45 Kb]

This document reveals critical information about Brazill’s family history of alcoholism, domestic violence, and other issues that may have been factors in his attack. 

Nathaniel Brazill Indictment and Probable Cause Statement [5 pp, 475 Kb]

This document includes the police paperwork recording the arrest of Brazill, along with witness reports.

Mason Campbell · Berrendo Middle School
Campbell v. Blalock, Jacobson, and New Mexico Children, Youth, and Families Department [12 pp, 132 KB]

“Plaintiffs Jim and Jennifer Campbell, the parents of minor Mason Campbell, seek compensatory and punitive damages arising from the CYFD’s alleged violations of Mason’s constitutional and statutory rights.”

Michael Carneal · Heath High School
2000: James v. Meow Media [27 pp, 250 Kb]

The parents of some of the victims of Carneal’s attack claimed that he was influenced by violent media and sued the makers of the media products that allegedly contributed to his motivation to commit violence. The outcome was as follows: “An order dismissing this case in its entirety will be entered.”

2002: Carneal Court of Appeals [90 pp, 274 Kb]

This document addresses allegations of negligence on the part of multiple people, including Carneal’s parents, his neighbor (from whom he stole the gun used in the attack), and peers who knew he had brought guns to school prior to his attack.

2002: James v. Meow Media [18 pp, 160 Kb]

James continued to pursue the case after the initial decision was unfavorable. This case affirms “the district court's dismissal of James's actions.”

2006: Carneal v. Commonwealth [7 pp, 92 Kb]

During his imprisonment, Carneal’s psychosis was relieved by medication. He then claimed that his earlier guilty plea was made while he was incompetent due to his mental illness. This document addresses this claim.

2008: Carneal Court of Appeals [21 pp, 1.8 Mb]

Carneal appealed his case, desiring to withdraw his guilty plea and claiming that he had been misdiagnosed. The court record includes important information about Michael's mental health.

2009: Carneal v. Donahue [28 pp, 2.19 Mb]
2009: Commonwealth v. Carneal [13 pp, 162 Kb]

This case is a continuation of Carneal’s appeal.

2010: Carneal v. Donahue [4 pp, 98 Kb]

This case continues Carneal’s appeal.

2011, July: Carneal v. Crews [32 pp, 278 Kb]

This is a further appeal, consisting of Carneal’s claim that “he was not competent to plead guilty to murder, attempted murder, and burglary in 1998 due to an undiagnosed mental illness that he did not fully appreciate until several years later.”

2011: Carneal v. Donahue [13 pp, 940 Kb]
Alvaro Castillo · Orange High School
North Carolina v. Castillo 2010 [41 pp, 270 Kb]

 This court case provides a detailed history of Castillo's life and psychological problems.

State v. Castillo 2011 [7 pp, 91 Kb]

Castillo argued in this case that the court erred regarding how to instruct the jury about an insanity defense.

Douglas Chanthabouly · Henry Foss High School
2012: Kok v. Tacoma School District [141 pp, 6 Mb]

In addition to the court case itself, this document contains several appendices that include medical forms, school records, law enforcement paperwork relating to Chanthabouly’s attack, and reproduced school safety materials. 

2013: Kok v. Chanthabouly [15 pp, 741 Kb]

The estate of the deceased victim, Samnang Kok, sued Chanthabouly and the school district, trying to hold the district accountable for not foreseeing the risk posed by Chanthabouly.

Washington v. Chanthabouly [41 pp, 100 Kb]

Chanthabouly appealed the decision against him, arguing that his mental health issues were not given sufficient consideration.

Nikolas Cruz · Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School
Nikolas Cruz: Indictment [13 pp, 1.87 Mb]
Bruco Eastwood · Deer Creek Middle School
Devon Erickson / Alec McKinney · STEM School Highlands Ranch
People v. McKinney [7 pp, 247 Kb]
Valery Fabrikant · Concordia University
Fabrikant Appeal 1995 [31 pp, 210 Kb]
Fabrikant's Trial: 1993

These documents are the transcripts from Fabrikant’s trial and were created by combining dozens of smaller documents posted on Fabrikant’s personal website. The link to one of the documents did not work, so there are presumably missing pages for part of one day’s transcripts (the last of three links to the hearing on July 14).

Fabrikant's Trial: 03/1993 [295 pp, 731 Kb]
Fabrikant's Trial: 1993
Fabrikant's Trial: 04/1993 [708 pp, 1.97 Mb]
Fabrikant's Trial: 1993
Fabrikant's Trial: 06/1993 [1328 pp, 3.38 Mb]
Fabrikant's Trial: 1993
Fabrikant's Trial: 07/1993 [1000 pp]
Fabrikant's Trial: 1993

These documents are the transcripts from Fabrikant’s trial and were created by combining dozens of smaller documents posted on Fabrikant’s personal website. The link to one of the documents did not work, so there are presumably missing pages for part of one day’s transcripts (the last of three links to the hearing on July 14).

Fabrikant's Trial: 08/1993 [250 pp, 790 Kb]
Robert Flores · University of Arizona
Robert Flores's Divorce Documents [226 pp, 13 Mb]

This is a collection of all the legal documents associated with Flores’s divorce and the custody issues relating to his two children.

Jaylen Fryberg · Marysville-Pilchuk High School
USA v. Raymond Fryberg [6 pp, 362 Kb]

Several months after the shooting by Jaylen Fryberg, his father (Raymond Lee Fryberg, Jr.) was arrested for illegal possession of firearms. Mr. Fryberg reportedly was not permitted to own guns due to a protection from abuse (PFA) order that had been filed against him in 2002. Mr. Fryberg had allegedly threatened and abused a woman he was involved with and who was the mother of a child of his (not Jaylen). This is the first such information I have seen regarding Jaylen’s family life. This is of particular concern because when this was filed in 2002, Jaylen was three years old. According to the document, the woman had an intimate relationship with Mr. Fryberg in 2001. Initially, two temporary orders (PFAs) were issued. Eventually, the court concluded that Mr. Fryberg had committed domestic violence and a permanent order was put in place. Thus, Mr. Fryberg was intimately involved with and abusing another woman during Jaylen’s early years. When Jaylen’s parents married, and whether or not Mr. Fryberg was living with Jaylen and his mother during this period is unclear. Further still, the document notes that Mr. Fryberg pleaded no contest to a charge of violating the order in 2012, thus indicating that he had resumed contact with the woman.

Drew Golden / Mitchell Johnson · Westside Middle School
Drew Golden’s Deposition 2000 [91 pp, 3.03 Mb]

Golden gave this deposition while in prison, on April 27, 2000.

Drew Golden’s Deposition 2008 [153 pp, 385 Kb]

Golden provided this deposition after his release from prison, on December 22, 2008.

Golden v. State 2000 [8 pp, 147 Kb]

Andrew Golden committed a school shooting with Mitchell Johnson in 1998. Golden was eleven years old at the time of the attack. In 2000, he appealed his conviction, focusing on issues of competency to stand trial and whether or not juveniles can use insanity as a defense.

Johnson Appeal 2009 [11 pp, 37 Kb]

Because Mitchell Johnson was only 13 years old at the time of his school shooting, he could only be imprisoned until age 21. Following his release, he was arrested in 2007 for possession of marijuana and a firearm. In 2009, Johnson appealed the case.

Mitchell Johnson’s Deposition 2000 [141 pp, 5.24 Mb]

Johnson gave this deposition while in prison, on April 27, 2000. 

Mitchell Johnson's Deposition 2007 [131 pp, 266 Kb]

 On April 2, 2007, nine years after his attack, Mitchell Johnson gave this deposition.

USA v. Johnson 2009 [7 pp, 87 Kb]

This case is not connected to Johnson’s rampage attack. After he was released from prison for the attack at age 21, he was subsequently arrested for possession of marijuana and firearms. In this case he is appealing his conviction. 

Eric Hainstock · Weston High School
Wisconsin v. Eric J. Hainstock 2009 [8 pp, 53 Kb]

On September 29, 2006, at Weston High School in Cazenovia, Wisconsin, Eric Hainstock shot and killed the principal, John Klang. This court case includes a review of evidence that Hainstock intended to murder Klang.

Biswanath Halder · Case Western Reserve University
1976: Halder v. Avis [2 pp, 83 Kb]

This court case, alleging racial discrimination by Avis, occurred many years prior to Halder’s rampage attack. It is of interest, however, because years later Halder believed he was victimized by “master race” people at Case Western because he was of an “inferior” race.

2007: State v. Halder [55 pp, 147 Kb]

Halder appealed his conviction on five grounds but the original decision of the court was upheld.

2008: Ohio v. Halder (Supreme Court) [47 pp, 1.61 Mb]

This case includes several letters by Halder. 

2009, July: Wallace v. Halder 2009 (Court of Appeals) [17 pp, 53 Kb]

This is a case brought by the estate of Norman Wallace (killed by Halder) against Halder and Case Western Reserve University. 

2009, November: Wallace v. Halder (Ohio Supreme Court) [18 pp, 652 Kb]

This is a case brought by the estate of Norman Wallace (killed by Halder). 

2009, October: Wallace v. Halder (Ohio Supreme Court) [38 pp, 1.28 Mb]

This is part of the case brought by the estate of Norman Wallace, who was killed by Halder.

2012: Halder v. Tibals [11 pp, 119 Kb]

In this case, Halder “alleges that: (1) the trial court erred in depriving him of his Sixth Amendment right to represent himself; and (2) the trial court erred in finding him competent when he had proven by a preponderance of the evidence that he was not capable of assisting in his own defense.”

2014: Halder v. Tibals [11 pp, 118 Kb]

This is a challenge by Halder regarding his competency and the outcome of his trial.

Kristofer Hans · Fergus County High School
Eric Houston · Lindhurst High School
California v. Houston 2007 [561 pp, 18.26 Mb]
California v. Houston 2008 [344 pp, 12.9 Mb]

This court report reviews Houston's early life, his preparation for the attack, and his actions during the attack, including the hours during which he held people hostage. Much of the document deals with Houston's appeals and why they were denied. This is the best source of information on him that I have found.

California v. Houston 2010 [142 pp, 1.29 Mb]
People v. Houston 2012 [58 pp, 332 Kb]
Alex Hribal · Franklin Regional High School
Keener v. Hribal 2018 [30 pp, 670 Kb]
Pennsylvania v. Hribal 2016 [18 pp, 502 Kb]

The judge in this case denied Hribal a trial as a juvenile.

James Kearbey · Goddard Junior High School
Kearbey Court Case 1991 [12 pp, 161 Kb]
Leo Kelly, Jr. · University of Michigan
Kelly v. Withrow 1993 [10 pp, 193 Kb]
Kelly v. Withrow 1994 [7 pp, 120 Kb]
Michigan v. Kelly 1985 [6 pp, 80 Kb]
Su Yong Kim · Cornell University
Nieswand v. Cornell 1988 [10 pp, 164 Kb]
Kip Kinkel · Thurston High School
Kinkel Appeal 2002 [10 pp, 123 Kb]

Kip Kinkel was sentenced to 111 years in prison for the murder of his parents and the murders and attempted murders of students during his rampage attack in May, 1998. In 2002 he appealed his sentence. The court record includes a summary of the details of his attacks as well as information provided to the court by mental health professionals.

Kinkel v. Lawhead 2011 [10 pp, 113 Kb]

As noted in this document, Kinkel requested “that the judgment of conviction be set aside and the sentences vacated. In support of that request, petitioner contends that, among other things, he had received constitutionally inadequate assistance of counsel during the plea negotiations, that his acceptance of the plea agreement was not knowing and voluntary, and that the plea agreement should not have been accepted without the consent of his guardian ad litem.” The court did not support Kinkel’s request. 

Kinkel v. Persson 2016 [18 pp, 112 Kb]
Kinkel V. Persson 2018 [39 pp, 255 Kb]
Kip Kinkel’s Trial [43 pp, 336 Kb]

This document contains excerpts from court testimony on Kinkel's mental status provided by four mental health professionals: Dr. Orin Bolstad, Dr. Richard Konkol, Dr. William Sack, and Dr. Jeffrey Hicks.

T.J. Lane · Chardon High School
1995: Nolan v. Lane [7 pp, 1.51 Mb]

This case was between Lane’s mother (Sarah Nolan) and father (Thomas Lane, Jr.), with the father requesting emergency custody of T. J., citing the mother’s inabilty to “control herself with respect to the use of alcohol” and concerns about her history of violence.

1995: Paternity Test of Lane's Father [2 pp, 972 Kb]

This document is from 1995 and records the results of Thomas Lane’s paternity test regarding his son, T. J. Lane. The results supported that Mr. Lane was the father and he acknowledged so to the court. 

2012: Lane Indictment [4 pp, 460 Kb]

This document contains the full list of indictments against Lane.

2012: Ohio v. Lane [28 pp, 1 Mb]

Lane challenged the circumstances of his arrest, claiming that he was not properly informed of his Miranda rights. This case reviews the relevant sequence of events. After the court report there are excerpts from Lane’s interrogation on the day of his attack, including the advising him of his Miranda rights and conversation about school and whether or not he knew the victims.

2013: Ohio v. Lane [5 pp, 207 Kb]

This document lists the charges against Lane and his plea of “guilty.”

2014: Ohio v. Lane [36 pp, 122 Kb]

Lane appealed his case. This document addresses his appeal. The report also contains a description of the attack as captured by the school’s video cameras. In addition, it highlights Lane’s disclosure that he lied about having psychotic symptoms, lied about having been sexually molested, and lied about not knowing any of the victims.

Lane Lawsuit By Victims’ Families [21 pp, 9.5 Mb]

The families of Lane’s victims requested a trial for Lane’s parents, grandparents, and uncle (from whom Lane stole the gun he used in the attack) for allegedly not providing appropriate supervision and care of Lane. 

Steven Leith · Chelsea High School
Michigan v. Leith 1996 [3 pp, 28 Kb]
Patrick Lizotte · Valley High School
Lizotte v. State [3 pp, 78 Kb]
Wayne Lo · Simon's Rock College
Wayne Lo Court Cases

In 1998, Lo appealed his conviction and in 2001 to 2002, there was another court case regarding the college's financial liability for the attack. Both cases recount the sequence of events the day of the shooting, with the former case including important information indicating Lo's desire to fake mental illness.

Commonwealth v. Wayne Lo 1998 [9 pp, 94 Kb]
Jared Loughner · Safeway Supermarket
Loughner Plea Agreement [14 pp, 832 Kb]

This document lists the charges against Loughner, the names of his victims, details of his attack, and other related information.

USA v Loughner 2011 [29 pp, 127 Kb]

This is one of several appeals Loughner made protesting being forced to take anti-psychotic medication.

USA v. Loughner 2012 [82 pp, 484 Kb]

This case continues Loughner’s protest regarding being medicated.

Barry Loukaitis · Frontier Junior High School
Loukaitis Appeal [6 pp, 90 Kb]

This court document is the record of Loukaitis's 1999 appeal of his conviction.

Kelvin Love · Garland Community College
Love v. State [5 pp, 90 Kb]
O’Dane Maye · Hampton University
Maye v. Virginia 2011 [7 pp, 37 Kb]
John McLaughlin · Rocori High School
Minnesota v. McLaughlin 2003 [20 pp, 168 Kb]

This court case reviews the facts of the shooting as well as McLaughlin's background and mental health status. This document provides a detailed review of the events of the attack and a discussion of his mental status as reported by different evaluators.

Minnesota v. McLaughlin 2006 [47 pp, 1.61 Mb]
Peter Odighizuwa · Appalachian School of Law
1992: TriMet v. Odighizuwa [4 pp, 97 Kb]
2006: Odighizuwa v. Ray [2 pp, 49 Kb]
2007: Odighizuwa v. Strouth [11 pp, 28 Kb]
Brendan O’Rourke · Kelly Elementary School
People v. O’Rourke [15 pp, 93 Kb]

This report contains significant information about O’Rourke’s psychotic symptoms. 

Jared Padgett · Reynolds High School
Dimitrios Pagourtzis · Santa Fe High School
Yanas et al. v. Pagourtzis [29 pp, 11.41 Mb]
Yarbrough v. Pagourtzis [39 pp, 289 Kb]
Gabriel Parker · Marshall County High School
Karl Pierson · Arapahoe High School
Arapahoe High School Depositions

These are depositions from people involved in the Karl Pierson case.

Deposition of N.T. [112 pp, 647 Kb]
Arapahoe High School Depositions
Deposition of D.M. [87 pp, 512 Kb]
Arapahoe High School Depositions
Deposition of J.E. [67 pp, 410 Kb]
Arapahoe High School Depositions
Deposition of V.L. [43 pp, 279 Kb]
Arapahoe High School Depositions
Deposition of T.M. [90 pp, 532 Kb]
Arapahoe High School Depositions
Deposition of J.C. [30 pp, 206 Kb]
Arapahoe High School Depositions
Deposition of G.G. [72 pp, 433 Kb]
Arapahoe High School Depositions
Deposition of E.S. [91 pp, 531 Kb]
Arapahoe High School Depositions
Deposition of N.P. [86 pp, 512 Kb]
Arapahoe High School Depositions
Deposition of R.M. [50 pp, 318 Kb]
Arapahoe High School Depositions
Deposition of K.K. [80 pp, 476 Kb]
Arapahoe High School Depositions
Deposition of S.M. [73 pp, 441 Kb]
Arapahoe High School Depositions
Deposition Correction Sheets [27 pp, 9.8 Mb]
Deposition Exhibits [1094 pp, 69 Mb]

This document consists of all the deposition exhibits relating to the incident at Arapahoe High School. The exhibits were numbered 1 through 64, but there are only 63 because for some reason there is no exhibit 39. They have been combined into one document for ease of viewing. The contents includes general reports on school safety and threat assessment, policies and materials of Littleton school district, and documents specifically relating to the shooting by Karl Pierson. 

Evan Ramsey · Bethel High School
1992: Donald Ramsey v. Alaska [6 pp, 123 Kb]

Donald Ramsey, Evan's father, went on an armed rampage on October 21, 1986, and was sent to prison for ten years. In 1992 he filed an appeal. This document provides a summary of the events leading up to and including his rampage.

2002: Ramsey v. Alaska [11 pp, 119 Kb]

Evan Ramsey committed his school shooting on February 19, 1997, and was imprisoned. In 2002, he filed an appeal because the original court had not let him introduce evidence at his trial of his history of physical and sexual abuse, as well as bringing up other issues. The court record includes important information about Ramsey's history of placements, abuse, and other matters.

2003: Randall v. Alaska [9 pp, 111 Kb]

Two of Ramsey's friends were arrested for playing a role in his attack. One friend, James Randall, appealed his conviction. The court document reviews the role that Randall played in the attack and reverses the earlier decision against him.

2005: Ramsey v. Alaska [6 pp, 119 Kb]

Evan Ramsey was imprisoned with a sentence of 210 years. In 2005 he filed an appeal that his sentence was excessive. The court record provides a summary of the details of the attack.

Jon Romano · Columbia High School
People v. Romano 2007 [11 pp, 111 Kb]
Jamie Rouse · Richland High School
Tennessee v. Abbott 1998 [49 pp, 168 Kb]

Rouse's friend, Stephen Abbott, was charged for his alleged role in the attack. Abbott had heard Rouse talk about killing people and gave him a ride to school on the day of Rouse's attack. Abbott maintains that he did not know Rouse was serious when he talked about shooting people. This court case reviews the evidence regarding Abbott's knowledge of Rouse's intentions.

Tennessee v. Rouse 2000 [10 pp, 45 Kb]

The court case includes details of the shooting as well as information regarding Rouse's family history.

Ely Serna · West Liberty-Salem High School
West Liberty-Salem Victim Statement [5 pp, 294 Kb]

This is a statement by the student who was severely injured by Ely Serna in the shooting at West Liberty-Salem High School. 

Caleb Sharpe · Freeman High School
Caleb Sharpe Insanity Plea [12 pp, 2.06 Mb]
Nicco Tatum · Mojave High School
Nevada v. Tatum [30 pp, 692 Kb]
Williams v. Nevada [18 pp, 180 Kb]
Andy Williams · Santana High School
California v. Williams 2001 [23 pp, 879 Kb]

This document contains the charges against Williams, identifying each victim by name, both those killed and those wounded.

Williams v. Ryan 2010 [45 pp, 170 Kb]

This court report addresses Williams’s multiple challenges to his conviction and sentencing. 

James Wilson · Oakland Elementary School
State v. Wilson 1992 [15 pp, 171 Kb]
Wilson v. Ozmint 2004 [44 pp, 102 Kb]
Jiverly Wong · American Civic Association
Al-Salihi vs. Gander Mountain [31 pp, 213 Kb]

This case was brought by the estate of one of Jiverly Wong’s victims against a firearms dealer. It recounts the process involved in legally purchasing firearms and Wong’s history of purchases, as well as descriptions of encounters with Wong.

Civil Action: Al-Salihi vs. Gander Mountain [9 pp, 290 Kb]

This document makes the case against Gander Mountain, a firearms dealer who provided Jiverly Wong with a gun.

Luke Woodham · Pearl High School
Luke Woodham: Court Transcript [26 pp, 5.24 Mb]
Woodham Court Documents

On 1 October 1997, 16-year-old Luke Woodham killed his mother at home and proceeded to his school, where he committed a rampage attack. Following his initial conviction for murder, Woodham appealed the case on procedural grounds. The documents listed below are records of the subsequent hearings.

Woodham v. Mississippi 1998 [6 pp, 102 Kb]
Woodham Court Documents
Woodham v. State of Mississippi 2001 [9 pp, 163 Kb]
Woodham Court Documents
Woodham v. Wilson 2006 [10 pp, 264 Kb]
Aaron Ybarra · Seattle Pacific University
2014: Washington v. Ybarra [8 pp, 996 Kb]
Washington v. Ybarra 2019 [45 pp, 1.05 Mb]

This document also includes a court report from August 19, 2019.