Alvaro Castillo
30 August 2006 · Orange High School · Hillsborough, North CarolinaUSA


School Shooters: Nine Brief Sketches [7 pp, 536 Kb]

This article categorizes nine perpetrators of rampage attacks as psychopathic, psychotic, or traumatized school shooters. The shooters are Eric Houston, Gary Scott Pennington, Jamie Rouse, Jason Hoffman, Robert Steinhäuser, Alvaro Castillo, Eric Hainstock, Tim Kretschmer, and Wellington de Oliveira.

Original documents

Alvaro Castillo’s Journal [8 pp, 586 Kb]

This document contains excerpts of Castillo’s journal, in facsimile.

North Carolina v. Castillo 2010 [41 pp, 270 Kb]

 This court case provides a detailed history of Castillo's life and psychological problems.

State v. Castillo 2011 [7 pp, 91 Kb]

Castillo argued in this case that the court erred regarding how to instruct the jury about an insanity defense.