Evan Ramsey
19 February 1997 · Bethel High School · Bethel, AlaskaUSA


Rampage School Shooters: A Typology [11 pp, 600 Kb]

This article appeared in the journal Aggression and Violent Behavior (published by Elsevier) and is reprinted with their permission. The article provides a brief overview of the scholarly literature on school shooters, followed by a presentation of my typology.


Court Cases in the Ramsey Family (version 1.4) [4 pp, 452 Kb]

Evan Ramsey’s family had frequent contact with the legal system in Alaska. This document contains a summary of the court cases that he and his family were involved in.

Original documents

1992: Donald Ramsey v. Alaska [6 pp, 123 Kb]

Donald Ramsey, Evan's father, went on an armed rampage on October 21, 1986, and was sent to prison for ten years. In 1992 he filed an appeal. This document provides a summary of the events leading up to and including his rampage.

2002: Ramsey v. Alaska [11 pp, 119 Kb]

Evan Ramsey committed his school shooting on February 19, 1997, and was imprisoned. In 2002, he filed an appeal because the original court had not let him introduce evidence at his trial of his history of physical and sexual abuse, as well as bringing up other issues. The court record includes important information about Ramsey's history of placements, abuse, and other matters.

2003: Randall v. Alaska [9 pp, 111 Kb]

Two of Ramsey's friends were arrested for playing a role in his attack. One friend, James Randall, appealed his conviction. The court document reviews the role that Randall played in the attack and reverses the earlier decision against him.

2005: Ramsey v. Alaska [6 pp, 119 Kb]

Evan Ramsey was imprisoned with a sentence of 210 years. In 2005 he filed an appeal that his sentence was excessive. The court record provides a summary of the details of the attack.

Two Notes by Evan Ramsey [1 p, 28 Kb]

Evan Ramsey wrote two notes with the expectation that he would die in his attack. As it turned out, however, he decided not to kill himself. These notes were found after the shooting.