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Seung Hui Cho · Virginia Tech
Legal and Mental Health Records of Seung Hui Cho [68 pp, 9.8 Mb]

The following documents include the records of three incidents that brought Cho to the attention of the university police in 2005, his subsequent court order for a mental health evaluation, and his mental health records. There is also the document of a speeding ticket he received shortly before the attack, a search warrant completed after the attack, as well as the court order following the attack for unsealing the audio record of his commitment hearing in 2005.

Nikolas Cruz · Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School
In-Home Investigation Summary: Nikolas Cruz [3 pp, 117 Kb]

This is a report from the Florida Department of Children and Families on a home visit from 2016.

Nikolas Cruz: Chronological Notes Report [19 pp, 2.63 Mb]

This document contains notes and other materials from the Florida Department of Children and Families. 

James Holmes · Century 16 Cinema
James Holmes: Insanity and Diagnostic Evaluation [53 pp, 6.63 Mb]

Post-attack evaluation by Dr. William Reid.

James Holmes: Psychiatric Evaluation [128 pp, 4.67 Mg]

Post-attack evaluation by Dr. Jeffrey Metzner.

James Holmes: University Mental Health Records [37 pp, 2.5 Mb]

Pre-attack records of psychiatric treatment.

Kip Kinkel · Thurston High School
Kip Kinkel’s Therapy Notes [6 pp, 86 Kb]

Prior to his rampage, Kip attended therapy sessions with Dr. Jeffrey Hicks from 20 January through 30 July 1997. This document contains his records of the therapy sessions.

Jared Loughner · Safeway Supermarket
Loughner Psychological Evaluation [11 pp, 2.32 Mb]

This psychological evaluation was conducted after his attack.

John McLaughlin · Rocori High School
Psychological Evaluation: John Jason McLaughlin [15 pp, 181  Kb]

This is an evaluation conducted after McLaughlin’s attack, highlighting his history of psychotic symptoms and diagnosing him as schizophrenic.

Charles Whitman · University of Texas
Whitman’s Counseling Intake [2 pp, 93 Kb]

On 29 March 1966, Charles Whitman had an initial session with Dr. Heatly at the university’s counseling center. This was the only session Whitman attended. This document is Dr. Heatly's report on the session.

Aaron Ybarra · Seattle Pacific University
2010: Ybarra Mental Health [1 p, 558 Kb]
2013: Ambrose Ybarra Mental Health [1 p, 587 Kb]

This documents a suicide attempt by Ybarra's father.