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Nikolas Cruz · Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School
Cruz Cell Phone Content and Internet Searches [35 pp, 2.76 Mb]

This is a presentation of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas Public Safety Commission, compiled by Special Agents Randy Camp, Chuck Massucci, and John Seuss.

Shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School [64 pp, 10.39 Mb]

This is a presentation of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas Public Safety Commission, compiled by Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri.

Unreported Information Showing Nikolas Cruz’s Troubling Behavior [69 pp, 1.65 Mb]

This was compiled by the Marjory Stoneman Douglas Public Safety Commission.

Eric Harris / Dylan Klebold · Columbine High School
11,000 Page Report

These two documents were found online, compiled by an unknown researcher. I have attempted to obtain permission from the researcher to post this material, but have been unsuccessful. I am posting the documents here to preserve this meticulous work. These two documents provide a page-by-page listing of the contents of the first 11,000 pages of JCSO documents.

Pages 1-5,500 [14 pp, 132 Kb]
11,000 Page Report
Pages 5,501-10,937 [17 pp, 143 Kb]
JCSO Columbine Documents Indexed by Name [56 pp, 281 Kb]

This document is an index to thousands of pages of documents compiled by the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office (JCSO) related to the attack at Columbine High School. This is a guide to summaries of hundreds of interviews organized first by the first name of the interviewee and then by the last name of the interviewee. The original document was found online with no indication of who created it. It has been redesigned for this site.

JCSO Columbine Documents Organized by Theme (version 1.6) [25 pp, 229 Kb]

The attack at Columbine generated over 27,000 pages of documents for the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office (JCSO), most of which have been made public. These include reports from thousands of interviews with people who knew Harris and Klebold, as well as the killers' personal journals, school planners, academic assignments, yearbook inscriptions, and more. I have organized an index to assist people in locating references by theme. For example, there are pages listing references to Harris and Klebold being harassed, as well as references to Harris and Klebold not being harassed, and references to Harris and Klebold harassing others. There are 10 categories divided into additional subcategories.

Adam Lanza · Sandy Hook Elementary School
Adam Lanza: Timeline [34 pp, 894 Kb]

This document chronicles Adam Lanza’s life and noteworthy activities leading up to the Sandy Hook shooting. Version 2.0 has been greatly expanded. (Special thanks to Reed Coleman.)

Evan Ramsey · Bethel High School
Court Cases in the Ramsey Family (version 1.4) [4 pp, 452 Kb]

Evan Ramsey’s family had frequent contact with the legal system in Alaska. This document contains a summary of the court cases that he and his family were involved in.

Jeffrey Weise · Red Lake High School
Jeffrey Weise: Timeline [4 pp, 445 Kb]

Because there is no book or article that tells Weise's life story in a comprehensive way, I have pieced together facts about him and his family from a variety of sources.

Aaron Ybarra · Seattle Pacific University
Aaron Ybarra: Family Tree [1 p, 31 Kb]