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Seung Hui Cho · Virginia Tech
Cho’s English Department E-mails [94 pp, 3.4 Mb]

This file contains e-mails to, from, and about Seung Hui Cho, as well as poetry and fiction of his and a statement from his family. The e-mails are from both before and after the attack (most from before) and are not in order.

Nikolas Cruz · Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School
Independent Review of "NC's" Educational Record [70 pp, 657 Kb]

This document provides a summary of Nikolas Cruz’s educational history and the relevant laws and statutes that guided the district’s process. 

Adam Lanza · Sandy Hook Elementary School
Sandy Hook: Final Redacted Release [1448 pp, 117.4 Mb]

This document contains numerous school assignments of Adam Lanza’s going back to grade school, as well as other materials. Some pages are completely redacted. 

Jared Loughner · Safeway Supermarket
Letters from Pima Community College [5 pp, 329 Kb]

This document includes a letter from the Vice President of Student Development regarding Loughner’s withdrawal from the college, and a letter from the college police department regarding his suspension from the college due to safety concerns.

Pima Community College Emails [255 pp, 19 Mb]

This contains emails to and from Jared Loughner, as well as those circulated within the college about him. 

Pima Community College Police Reports [51 pp]

These pages contain campus police records relating to Loughner.