Jaylen Fryberg
24 October 2014 · Marysville-Pilchuk High School · Marysville, WashingtonUSA

Original documents

Jaylen Fryberg Investigation [1400 pp, 42 Mb]

This document was released on September 1, 2015.

Jaylen Fryberg Search Warrant [8 pp, 523 Kb]

Though some pages of this appear in other records, the entire document does not appear to be present elsewhere.

Jaylen Fryberg: Second Release of Documents [249 pp, 11.58 Mb]

This batch of documents contains a significant amount of text messages to and from Jaylen, as well as interviews with people who knew him and other material.

Jaylen Fryberg: Third Release of Documents [15 pp, 976 Kb]

This batch of documents was released on September 28, 2015. 

USA v. Raymond Fryberg [6 pp, 362 Kb]

Several months after the shooting by Jaylen Fryberg, his father (Raymond Lee Fryberg, Jr.) was arrested for illegal possession of firearms. Mr. Fryberg reportedly was not permitted to own guns due to a protection from abuse (PFA) order that had been filed against him in 2002. Mr. Fryberg had allegedly threatened and abused a woman he was involved with and who was the mother of a child of his (not Jaylen). This is the first such information I have seen regarding Jaylen’s family life. This is of particular concern because when this was filed in 2002, Jaylen was three years old. According to the document, the woman had an intimate relationship with Mr. Fryberg in 2001. Initially, two temporary orders (PFAs) were issued. Eventually, the court concluded that Mr. Fryberg had committed domestic violence and a permanent order was put in place. Thus, Mr. Fryberg was intimately involved with and abusing another woman during Jaylen’s early years. When Jaylen’s parents married, and whether or not Mr. Fryberg was living with Jaylen and his mother during this period is unclear. Further still, the document notes that Mr. Fryberg pleaded no contest to a charge of violating the order in 2012, thus indicating that he had resumed contact with the woman.