Kip Kinkel
21 May 1998 · Thurston High School · Springfield, OregonUSA


Rampage School Shooters: A Typology [11 pp, 600 Kb]

This article appeared in the journal Aggression and Violent Behavior (published by Elsevier) and is reprinted with their permission. The article provides a brief overview of the scholarly literature on school shooters, followed by a presentation of my typology.

Original documents

Kinkel Appeal 2002 [10 pp, 123 Kb]

Kip Kinkel was sentenced to 111 years in prison for the murder of his parents and the murders and attempted murders of students during his rampage attack in May, 1998. In 2002 he appealed his sentence. The court record includes a summary of the details of his attacks as well as information provided to the court by mental health professionals.

Kinkel v. Lawhead 2011 [10 pp, 113 Kb]

As noted in this document, Kinkel requested “that the judgment of conviction be set aside and the sentences vacated. In support of that request, petitioner contends that, among other things, he had received constitutionally inadequate assistance of counsel during the plea negotiations, that his acceptance of the plea agreement was not knowing and voluntary, and that the plea agreement should not have been accepted without the consent of his guardian ad litem.” The court did not support Kinkel’s request. 

Kinkel v. Persson 2016 [18 pp, 112 Kb]
Kinkel V. Persson 2018 [39 pp, 255 Kb]
Kip Kinkel’s Confession [20 pp, 115 Kb]

This is a transcript of Kip's confession to Detective Al Warthen shortly after his rampage attack on May 21, 1998.

Kip Kinkel’s Therapy Notes [6 pp, 86 Kb]

Prior to his rampage, Kip attended therapy sessions with Dr. Jeffrey Hicks from 20 January through 30 July 1997. This document contains his records of the therapy sessions.

Kip Kinkel’s Trial [43 pp, 336 Kb]

This document contains excerpts from court testimony on Kinkel's mental status provided by four mental health professionals: Dr. Orin Bolstad, Dr. Richard Konkol, Dr. William Sack, and Dr. Jeffrey Hicks.

Kip Kinkel’s Writings [3 pp, 53 Kb]

This document contains several pieces of Kinkel’s writings.

Kristin Kinkel’s Letter [2 pp, 41 Kb]

After Kip's attack, his sister wrote a letter to the judge about her brother as she knew him.