Valery Fabrikant
24 August 1992 · Concordia University · Montreal, QuebecCanada

Original documents

Fabrikant 2009 Homepage [1 p, 34 Kb]

This was the homepage to Fabrikant’s website as of 2009 and perhaps later. The homepage is still there but it has been changed. 

Fabrikant Appeal 1995 [31 pp, 210 Kb]
Fabrikant's Trial: 1993

These documents are the transcripts from Fabrikant’s trial and were created by combining dozens of smaller documents posted on Fabrikant’s personal website. The link to one of the documents did not work, so there are presumably missing pages for part of one day’s transcripts (the last of three links to the hearing on July 14).

Fabrikant's Trial: 03/1993 [295 pp, 731 Kb]
Fabrikant's Trial: 04/1993 [708 pp, 1.97 Mb]
Fabrikant's Trial: 06/1993 [1328 pp, 3.38 Mb]
Fabrikant's Trial: 08/1993 [250 pp, 790 Kb]
Valery Fabrikant: “Am I Sorry?” [16 pp, 121 Kb]

Fabrikant defends his actions and presents himself as unrepentant for committing murder.

What Really Happened

Fabrikant wrote two versions of this document—a brief one and an expanded one.

Valery Fabrikant: "What Really Happened" (Brief Version) [2 pp, 30 Kb]
What Really Happened at Concordia University and How the Media Lied About It [85 pp, 299 Kb]

This document combines three files from Fabrikant’s website.

Official reports

Arthurs Report on Fabrikant [84 pp, 1.7 Mb]

Fabrikant had a long history of conflict with the university and this report investigates his complaints.

Cowan Report on Fabrikant [44 pp, 913 Kb]

This report documents the history of Fabrikant's years at Concordia from 1979 to 1992, highlighting his erratic behavior and warning signs of impending violence.