Jiverly Wong
3 April 2009 · American Civic Association · Binghamton, New YorkUSA


Adult School Shooters [13 pp, 623 Kb]

This article examines school shootings committed by men at least 25 years old: Marc Lépine, Kimveer Gill, Steven Kazmierczak, and Jiverly Wong.

Original documents

Al-Salihi vs. Gander Mountain [31 pp, 213 Kb]

This case was brought by the estate of one of Jiverly Wong’s victims against a firearms dealer. It recounts the process involved in legally purchasing firearms and Wong’s history of purchases, as well as descriptions of encounters with Wong.

Civil Action: Al-Salihi vs. Gander Mountain [9 pp, 290 Kb]

This document makes the case against Gander Mountain, a firearms dealer who provided Jiverly Wong with a gun.

Jiverly Wong Additional Police Documents [24 pp, 2 Mb]

These documents include a timeline of Wong’s life and details regarding Wong’s possessions that were found after the attack.

Jiverly Wong Work Documents [44 pp, 2.15 Mb]

This is a collection of documents apparently gathered by police after Wong’s attack. They include employment related forms, work history, involvement with the American Civic Association, a resume, and other materials.

Jiverly Wong’s Immigration and Naturalization Forms [11 pp, 354 Kb]

This paperwork does not contain much information, but includes Wong’s date of birth, his statement that he never served in the military, and a few other facts. He completed it using his original name of Linh Phat Voong.

Jiverly Wong’s Suicide Note

Wong’s suicide note is dated 18 March 2009, but it was not postmarked until 3 April, the day of his attack. It is addressed to the news program “News Ten Now,” where it was received several days after the incident.

Jiverly Wong’s Suicide Note (facsimile) [2 pp, 5.5 Mb]
Jiverly Wong’s Suicide Note
Jiverly Wong’s Suicide Note (transcript) [2 pp, 411 Kb]
Police Investigation of Jiverly Wong [47 pp, 1.61 Mb]

This document includes law enforcement interviews with people who knew Wong. It also notes the dates of his marriage and divorce, as well as someone’s report that Wong said he had a child.