T.J. Lane
27 February 2012 · Chardon High School · Chardon, OhioUSA


T.J. Lane: Further Reflections [2 pp, 443 Kb]

This article discusses Lane’s post-attack behavior as evidence suggesting psychopathic personality traits.

Original documents

1995: Nolan v. Lane [7 pp, 1.51 Mb]

This case was between Lane’s mother (Sarah Nolan) and father (Thomas Lane, Jr.), with the father requesting emergency custody of T. J., citing the mother’s inabilty to “control herself with respect to the use of alcohol” and concerns about her history of violence.

1995: Paternity Test of Lane's Father [2 pp, 972 Kb]

This document is from 1995 and records the results of Thomas Lane’s paternity test regarding his son, T. J. Lane. The results supported that Mr. Lane was the father and he acknowledged so to the court. 

1997/2002: Thomas Lane, Jr., Arrest Documents [21 pp, 1 Mb]

These documents relate to Mr. Thomas Lane, Jr., the father of T.J. Lane, the school shooter. They are from incidents in 1997 and 2002 and document violent behavior toward women as well as police officers.

2009: T. J. Lane's Arrest

I have found two versions of the report on an incident in which Lane was arrested in 2009. 

2009: Incident Report on T.J. Lane [8 pp, 1 Mb]

Over two years before his school shooting, Lane was arrested along with his half-brother, Adam Nolan. This is essentially the same document as “T.J. Lane Arrest 2009”; the other is more official and has redacted Adam’s name. 

2009: T. J. Lane's Arrest
2009: T.J. Lane Arrest [7 pp, 119 Kb]

Over two years before his school shooting, Lane was arrested for assaulting his uncle. This document consists of the police paperwork on the incident. 

2011: T.J. Lane’s Facebook Post [1 p, 449 Kb]

Lane posted this on 30 December 2011, approximately two months before his attack. 

2012: Lane Indictment [4 pp, 460 Kb]

This document contains the full list of indictments against Lane.

2012: Ohio v. Lane [28 pp, 1 Mb]

Lane challenged the circumstances of his arrest, claiming that he was not properly informed of his Miranda rights. This case reviews the relevant sequence of events. After the court report there are excerpts from Lane’s interrogation on the day of his attack, including the advising him of his Miranda rights and conversation about school and whether or not he knew the victims.

2013: Ohio v. Lane [5 pp, 207 Kb]

This document lists the charges against Lane and his plea of “guilty.”

2014: Ohio v. Lane [36 pp, 122 Kb]

Lane appealed his case. This document addresses his appeal. The report also contains a description of the attack as captured by the school’s video cameras. In addition, it highlights Lane’s disclosure that he lied about having psychotic symptoms, lied about having been sexually molested, and lied about not knowing any of the victims.

2014: T.J. Lane’s Prison Discipline File [23 pp, 1.4 Mb]

This document contains information on Lane’s behavior since being imprisoned after his attack. 

Lane Lawsuit By Victims’ Families [21 pp, 9.5 Mb]

The families of Lane’s victims requested a trial for Lane’s parents, grandparents, and uncle (from whom Lane stole the gun he used in the attack) for allegedly not providing appropriate supervision and care of Lane.