Karl Pierson
13 December 2013 · Arapahoe High School · Centennial (Littleton School District), ColoradoUSA


Karl Pierson: “A Psychopath with a Superiority Complex” [8 pp, 82 Kb]

This article discusses Pierson’s longstanding anger problems, as well as his arrogance, inability to accept responsibility for the consequences of his own behavior, academic failures, and the dissolving of his dream to serve in the military. It also addresses Pierson’s interest in Eric Harris and ways in which he echoed and perhaps imitated Harris.

Original documents

Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office: Karl Pierson Documents

The Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office (ACSO) released over two thousand pages of documents. The following files contain this material. The material is presented in order of the ACSO’s pagination.

ACSO, pages 1–179: Search Warrants [179 pp, 4 Mb]
Arapahoe High School Depositions

These are depositions from people involved in the Karl Pierson case.

Deposition of N.T. [112 pp, 647 Kb]
Deposition of D.M. [87 pp, 512 Kb]
Deposition of J.E. [67 pp, 410 Kb]
Deposition of V.L. [43 pp, 279 Kb]
Deposition of T.M. [90 pp, 532 Kb]
Deposition of J.C. [30 pp, 206 Kb]
Deposition of G.G. [72 pp, 433 Kb]
Deposition of E.S. [91 pp, 531 Kb]
Deposition of N.P. [86 pp, 512 Kb]
Deposition of R.M. [50 pp, 318 Kb]
Deposition of K.K. [80 pp, 476 Kb]
Deposition of S.M. [73 pp, 441 Kb]
Deposition Correction Sheets [27 pp, 9.8 Mb]
Deposition Exhibits [1094 pp, 69 Mb]

This document consists of all the deposition exhibits relating to the incident at Arapahoe High School. The exhibits were numbered 1 through 64, but there are only 63 because for some reason there is no exhibit 39. They have been combined into one document for ease of viewing. The contents includes general reports on school safety and threat assessment, policies and materials of Littleton school district, and documents specifically relating to the shooting by Karl Pierson. 

Karl Pierson’s Journal [3 pp, 30 Kb]

Pierson’s entire journal has not been made public. These are the excerpts included in the “Investigative Report: Arapahoe High School” — also available on this site.

Official reports

Investigative Report: Arapahoe High School [40 pp, 1.5 Mb]

This document provides a detailed account of Pierson’s attack, the events leading up to it, and significant excerpts from his diary.