Eric Hainstock
29 September 2006 · Weston High School · Cazenovia, WisconsinUSA


School Shooters: Nine Brief Sketches [7 pp, 536 Kb]

This article categorizes nine perpetrators of rampage attacks as psychopathic, psychotic, or traumatized school shooters. The shooters are Eric Houston, Gary Scott Pennington, Jamie Rouse, Jason Hoffman, Robert Steinhäuser, Alvaro Castillo, Eric Hainstock, Tim Kretschmer, and Wellington de Oliveira.

Original documents

Eric Hainstock: Letters [6 pp, 188 Kb]

After the attack, Hainstock wrote letters from prison to a journalist in which he claimed he did not intend to kill John Klang, discussed his father, identified as gay, and provided other information.

Wisconsin v. Eric J. Hainstock 2009 [8 pp, 53 Kb]

On September 29, 2006, at Weston High School in Cazenovia, Wisconsin, Eric Hainstock shot and killed the principal, John Klang. This court case includes a review of evidence that Hainstock intended to murder Klang.