Douglas Chanthabouly
3 January 2007 · Henry Foss High School · Tacoma, WashingtonUSA

Original documents

2012: Kok v. Tacoma School District [141 pp, 6 Mb]

In addition to the court case itself, this document contains several appendices that include medical forms, school records, law enforcement paperwork relating to Chanthabouly’s attack, and reproduced school safety materials. 

2013: Kok v. Chanthabouly [15 pp, 741 Kb]

The estate of the deceased victim, Samnang Kok, sued Chanthabouly and the school district, trying to hold the district accountable for not foreseeing the risk posed by Chanthabouly.

Washington v. Chanthabouly [41 pp, 100 Kb]

Chanthabouly appealed the decision against him, arguing that his mental health issues were not given sufficient consideration.