Aaron Ybarra
5 June 2014 · Seattle Pacific University · Seattle, WashingtonUSA


Aaron Ybarra: An Analysis [4 pp, 439 Kb]

This article provides a brief summary of Ybarra’s life, noting the dysfunction in his family as well as his psychotic symptoms and other issues that may have contributed to his frustration and anger.


Aaron Ybarra: Family Tree [1 p, 31 Kb]

Original documents

2010: Ybarra Mental Health [1 p, 558 Kb]
2013: Ambrose Ybarra Mental Health [1 p, 587 Kb]

This documents a suicide attempt by Ybarra's father.

2014: Washington v. Ybarra [8 pp, 996 Kb]
Aaron Ybarra’s Journal [7 pp, 4 Mb]
Washington v. Ybarra 2019 [45 pp, 1.05 Mb]

This document also includes a court report from August 19, 2019.