William Atchison
7 December 2017 · Aztec High School · Aztec, New MexicoUSA

Original documents

Atchison Autopsy Report [25 pp, 234 Kb]
Atchison Note #1 [1 p, 38 Kb]
Atchison Note #2 [1 p, 304 Kb]
Lattin v. United States of America [18 pp, 204 Kb]

The mother of one of Atchison’s victims sued the FBI for not preventing the attack. The FBI had investigated Atchison in 2016 following a post of his inquiring about “where to find cheap rifles for a mass shooting.”

William Atchison Online [61 pp, 249 Kb]

This document contains a selection of forum posts, comments, and journal entries believed to have been written by William Atchison, ordered chronologically and annotated. (Special thanks to Aysha Lonich, M.Ed.)