Eric Houston
1 May 1992 · Lindhurst High School · Olivehurst, CaliforniaUSA


Desperate Identities: A Bio-Psycho-Social Analysis of Perpetrators of Mass Violence [24 pp, 482 Kb]

This article examines five school shooters and five perpetrators of other types of mass violence. The five school shooters are Eric Houston, Eric Harris, Seung Hui Cho, Adam Lanza, and Elliot Rodger. The other perpetrators are Timothy McVeigh, Clay Shrout, Anders Breivik, James Holmes, and Dylann Roof. The article was originally published in Criminology and Public Policy and is posted here with permission. 

School Shooters: Nine Brief Sketches [7 pp, 536 Kb]

This article categorizes nine perpetrators of rampage attacks as psychopathic, psychotic, or traumatized school shooters. The shooters are Eric Houston, Gary Scott Pennington, Jamie Rouse, Jason Hoffman, Robert Steinhäuser, Alvaro Castillo, Eric Hainstock, Tim Kretschmer, and Wellington de Oliveira.

Original documents

California v. Houston 2007 [561 pp, 18.26 Mb]
California v. Houston 2008 [344 pp, 12.9 Mb]

This court report reviews Houston's early life, his preparation for the attack, and his actions during the attack, including the hours during which he held people hostage. Much of the document deals with Houston's appeals and why they were denied. This is the best source of information on him that I have found.

California v. Houston 2010 [142 pp, 1.29 Mb]
People v. Houston 2012 [58 pp, 332 Kb]