Jared Loughner
8 January 2011 · Safeway Supermarket · Tucson, ArizonaUSA

Original documents

FBI Documents

The following documents were released by the FBI in July, 2014.

FBI Loughner Documents: Part 1 [120 pp, 3.38 Mb]
FBI Documents
FBI Loughner Documents: Part 2 [173 pp, 4.9 Mb]
FBI Documents
FBI Loughner Documents: Part 3 [179 pp, 5.33 Mb]
FBI Documents
FBI Loughner Documents: Part 4 [27 pp, 736 Kb]
FBI Documents
FBI Loughner Documents: Part 5 [10 pp, 285 Kb]
FBI Documents
FBI Loughner Documents: Part 6 [78 pp, 2.85 Mb]
FBI Documents
FBI Loughner Documents: Part 7 [96 pp, 3.63 Mb]
Letters from Pima Community College [5 pp, 329 Kb]

This document includes a letter from the Vice President of Student Development regarding Loughner’s withdrawal from the college, and a letter from the college police department regarding his suspension from the college due to safety concerns.

Loughner Attack Timeline [2 pp, 91 Kb]

This document lists the sequence of events leading up to Loughner’s shooting of Gabrielle Giffords and 18 others.

Loughner Interview Transcripts [43 pp, 1.46 Mb]

This document contains the transcripts of interviews with Loughner’s father (Randy Loughner), his mother (Amy Loughner), the transport of Loughner from one facility to another, and with a Walmart employee who interacted with Loughner prior to the attack.

Loughner Plea Agreement [14 pp, 832 Kb]

This document lists the charges against Loughner, the names of his victims, details of his attack, and other related information.

Loughner Psychological Evaluation [11 pp, 2.32 Mb]

This psychological evaluation was conducted after his attack.

Loughner Search Warrant [59 pp, 3.2 Mb]
Pima Community College Emails [255 pp, 19 Mb]

This contains emails to and from Jared Loughner, as well as those circulated within the college about him. 

Pima Community College Police Reports [51 pp]

These pages contain campus police records relating to Loughner.

USA v Loughner 2011 [29 pp, 127 Kb]

This is one of several appeals Loughner made protesting being forced to take anti-psychotic medication.

USA v. Loughner 2012 [82 pp, 484 Kb]

This case continues Loughner’s protest regarding being medicated.

Official reports

Using a Systems Approach for Threat Assessment Investigations: A Case Study on Jared Lee Loughner [21 pp, 908 Kb]

This report was published by the Secret Service.