Jamie Rouse
15 November 1995 · Richland High School · Lynville, TennesseeUSA


School Shooters: Nine Brief Sketches [7 pp, 536 Kb]

This article categorizes nine perpetrators of rampage attacks as psychopathic, psychotic, or traumatized school shooters. The shooters are Eric Houston, Gary Scott Pennington, Jamie Rouse, Jason Hoffman, Robert Steinhäuser, Alvaro Castillo, Eric Hainstock, Tim Kretschmer, and Wellington de Oliveira.

Original documents

Tennessee v. Abbott 1998 [49 pp, 168 Kb]

Rouse's friend, Stephen Abbott, was charged for his alleged role in the attack. Abbott had heard Rouse talk about killing people and gave him a ride to school on the day of Rouse's attack. Abbott maintains that he did not know Rouse was serious when he talked about shooting people. This court case reviews the evidence regarding Abbott's knowledge of Rouse's intentions.

Tennessee v. Rouse 2000 [10 pp, 45 Kb]

The court case includes details of the shooting as well as information regarding Rouse's family history.