Wayne Lo
14 December 1992 · Simon's Rock College · Great Barrington, MassachusettsUSA


Expanding the Sample: Five School Shooters [13 pp, 619 Kb]

This article presents five school shooters from 1975 through 2007, classifies them within my typology, and compares them to the ten shooters discussed in Why Kids Kill. The five shooters are Robert Poulin, Brenda Spencer, Wayne Lo, Luke Woodham, and Asa Coon.

Original documents

Wayne Lo Court Cases

In 1998, Lo appealed his conviction and in 2001 to 2002, there was another court case regarding the college's financial liability for the attack. Both cases recount the sequence of events the day of the shooting, with the former case including important information indicating Lo's desire to fake mental illness.

Commonwealth v. Wayne Lo 1998 [9 pp, 94 Kb]