Charles Whitman
1 August 1966 · University of Texas · Austin, TexasUSA

Original documents

Charles Whitman’s Autopsy Report [3 pp, 118 Kb]

Whitman's autopsy is notable because it found a brain tumor and there has been significant speculation regarding the potential role of this tumor in Whitman's violent behavior. The autopsy says of the tumor, “no correlation with psychosis.” Whitman's biographer, Gary Lavergne, writing in 1997 commented, “in the past thirty years nearly all of the physicians and criminologists who have made themselves familiar with the case have pronounced the tumor ‘innocent'” (p. 268).

Interviews with People Who Knew Whitman

Following Whitman's sniper attack, interviews were conducted with Father Joseph Leduc and John and Fran Morgan.

Interview with Father Joseph Leduc [7 pp, 340 Kb]
Interviews with People Who Knew Whitman
Interview with John and Fran Morgan [2 pp, 86 Kb]
Notes to Self, Letters to Family

Before his sniper attack from the tower on the campus of the University of Texas on 1 August 1966, Whitman murdered his mother and then his wife. He left letters for his brothers John and Patrick, and notes about killing his mother and wife. He was also in the habit of writing notes and inspirational thoughts to himself. A sample of this, along with a later comment (perhaps added the night of the murders) is included.

Letter After Killing Mother [1 p, 123 Kb]
Notes to Self, Letters to Family
Letter About Killing Wife [2 pp, 98 Kb]
Notes to Self, Letters to Family
Letter to Brother Pat [1 p, 82 Kb]
Notes to Self, Letters to Family
Note to Brother John [1 p, 57 Kb]
Notes to Self, Letters to Family
Notes to Self [2 pp, 54 Kb]
Whitman’s Counseling Intake [2 pp, 93 Kb]

On 29 March 1966, Charles Whitman had an initial session with Dr. Heatly at the university’s counseling center. This was the only session Whitman attended. This document is Dr. Heatly's report on the session.

Official reports

Charles Whitman Official Report [21 pp, 718 Kb]

On 8 September 1966, this official report was made public.