James Holmes
20 July 2012 · Century 16 Cinema · Aurora, ColoradoUSA

Original documents

James Holmes Notebook [36 pp, 10.9 Mb]

This is a fascinating window into the perpetrator’s mind. It includes musings about life and death, self-diagnosis and description of mental and physical problems, preoccupation with killing, and plans for his attack.

James Holmes Records [24 pp, 784 Kb]

This document includes diagrams of the theatre where the attack occurred, as well as records of Holmes’s transactions on PayPal and eBay.

James Holmes Search Warrants [132 pp, 7.3 Mb]

This document contains ten search warrants, including those for Holmes’s residence, vehicle, computer, and cell phone.

James Holmes Warrantless Arrest Affidavit [7 pp, 347 Kb]

This describes the circumstances of the arrest of Holmes.