Jeffrey Weise
21 March 2005 · Red Lake High School · Red Lake, MinnesotaUSA


Rampage School Shooters: A Typology [11 pp, 600 Kb]

This article appeared in the journal Aggression and Violent Behavior (published by Elsevier) and is reprinted with their permission. The article provides a brief overview of the scholarly literature on school shooters, followed by a presentation of my typology.


Jeffrey Weise: Timeline [4 pp, 445 Kb]

Because there is no book or article that tells Weise's life story in a comprehensive way, I have pieced together facts about him and his family from a variety of sources.

Original documents

FBI Red Lake Documents

These are original documents from the FBI investigation of the Red Lake shooting.

FBI Red Lake Documents — Part 1 [345 pp, 43.19 Mb]
FBI Red Lake Documents
FBI Red Lake Documents — Part 2 [415 pp, 53.71 Mb]
FBI Red Lake Documents
FBI Red Lake Documents — Part 3 [448 pp, 57.06 Mb]
Jeffrey Weise Online

These three documents are copies of Weise's online writings. “Thoughts of a Dreamer” contains journal-like entries. The other two contain his fiction. These two have overlapping, but not identical, content. These pages are included in the document that consists of printed pages scanned, but have the advantage that they can be searched. (The scanned pages, however, include material beyond these three files.)

“Thoughts of a Dreamer” [5 pp, 158 Kb]
Jeffrey Weise Online
“Blades 11” [59 pp, 424 Kb]
Jeffrey Weise Online
“Writer’s Coven” [19 pp, 264 Kb]
Jeffrey Weise Online (scans) [93 pp, 4.8 Mb]

This document contains Weise’s webpages, postings, and fiction. These are scans of printed pages; the stray markings on some pages are mine (P.L.).

Jeffrey Weise’s Father’s Obituary [1 p, 373 Kb]

On 21 July 1997, Weise's father (Daryl Lussier, Jr.) committed suicide during an armed standoff with tribal police. I have not discovered why there was a standoff. The obituary does not mention any circumstances surrounding his death, but does provide a little information regarding Mr. Lussier's life and family. The obituary appeared on 22 July 1997, and is reproduced with permission of The Bemidji Pioneer.