Elliot Rodger
23 May 2014 · University of California at Santa Barbara · Isla Vista, CaliforniaUSA


Desperate Identities: A Bio-Psycho-Social Analysis of Perpetrators of Mass Violence [24 pp, 482 Kb]

This article examines five school shooters and five perpetrators of other types of mass violence. The five school shooters are Eric Houston, Eric Harris, Seung Hui Cho, Adam Lanza, and Elliot Rodger. The other perpetrators are Timothy McVeigh, Clay Shrout, Anders Breivik, James Holmes, and Dylann Roof. The article was originally published in Criminology and Public Policy and is posted here with permission. 

Elliot Rodger: An Analysis (version 2.0) [7 pp, 142 Kb]

This article examines Rodger’s psychological dynamics, drawing on insights gained through an analysis of his autobiographical document. This is a revised version of the original article posted here. This version was published in the Journal of Campus Behavioral Intervention, (J-BIT) 2 (2014) 5–19. It is reprinted with permission from the National Behavioral Intervention Team Association (NaBITA).

Original documents

Elliot Rodger Police Report [5 pp, 517 Kb]

On July 21, 2013, Rodger was involved in a violent incident with college students. He was injured and made a report to the police.

“My Twisted World” [137 pp, 6 Mb]

This is Elliot Rodger’s autobiography. The document is exactly as he created it, except that we have added page numbers.

Official reports

Isla Vista Mass Murder May 23, 2014: Investigative Summary [68 pp, 1.27 Mb]

This is the official report of the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office on the rampage by Elliot Rodger. Though Rodger’s autobiography referred to “concentration camps,” it contained no references to Hitler or the Nazis. This official report documents Rodger’s many online searches related to Hitler, Nazis, Heinrich Himmler, and Joseph Goebbels. It also presents information on Rodger’s childhood, adolescence, education, and mental health treatment.