Marc Lépine
6 December 1989 · École Polytechnique · Montreal, QuebecCanada


Adult School Shooters [13 pp, 623 Kb]

This article examines school shootings committed by men at least 25 years old: Marc Lépine, Kimveer Gill, Steven Kazmierczak, and Jiverly Wong.

Original documents

Marc Lépine's Coroner’s Report [62 pp, 142 Kb]

This is not an autopsy report (though it does note that the autopsy found no trace of drugs or alcohol), but a comprehensive document including information regarding the perpetrator, his preliminary visits to the university, his actions during the attack, and the details of the emergency response.

Marc Lépine’s Suicide Note [2 pp, 39 Kb]

I have not found any reproductions of Lépine's suicide note, but this document contains the text of the note in the original French and an English translation.