Brenda Spencer
29 January 1979 · Cleveland Elementary School [Spencer] · San Diego, CaliforniaUSA


Brenda Spencer: Sorting Out the Contradictions [9 pp, 561 Kb]

In the thirty years since her attack, Brenda Spencer has had five parole board hearings in which she made many claims to either avoid responsibility for her crimes or to paint herself as a victim. This article reviews the many contradictions in her claims.

Expanding the Sample: Five School Shooters [13 pp, 619 Kb]

This article presents five school shooters from 1975 through 2007, classifies them within my typology, and compares them to the ten shooters discussed in Why Kids Kill. The five shooters are Robert Poulin, Brenda Spencer, Wayne Lo, Luke Woodham, and Asa Coon.

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