Site Credits

School Shooters .info was founded by Peter Langman, Ph.D., and is compiled, curated, and managed by Dr. Langman. Web design and document typography by Joshua Langman. Web development and database programming by Dan Barron. Unless otherwise noted, all articles and information documents are written and compiled by Dr. Langman. Guest authors and other contributors are credited on individual documents.

Additional research, transcription, editing, and proofreading by:

Victor Dumont
Sharon Holiner
Pamela Irrgang-Metz
Montana Jaro
Alec Kubas-Meyer
Anna Langman
Madeleine Langman
Aysha Lonich
Ilana Masad
Trevor Snell
Angelica Wills

The first version of the website (School Shooters .info 1.0), featuring five documents about the Columbine shooting, was built by Andrew Langman in 2008 and added to periodically. The second version (2.0) was built by Joshua Langman in 2010 and continually updated for the next four years. The current version (3.0), featuring a robust database built on industry-standard technologies and a comprehensive redesign, was collaboratively created by Joshua Langman and Dan Barron in 2014, and continues to be updated regularly.