Thomas Hamilton
13 March 1996 · Dunblane Primary School · Dunblane, StirlingScotland

Official reports

Dunblane Official Report [180 pp, 3.6 Mb]

This report is the summary of the public inquiry conducted in the wake of the attack by Thomas Hamilton. The transcript of the court proceedings is also available on this site. The official report provides details on the life of Thomas Hamilton, as well as discussing issues related to firearm access, school security, and other topics. A published, bound copy of the report is available from Scotland, and a version is also available online as an html document. We created this pdf version from the html version and matched the pagination to that of the published report. Thus, any quotation cited from the published report can be located on the same page in this document. 

Transcript of the Public Inquiry [3376 pp, 5.5 Mb]

This document is the transcript of the public inquiry that was held following Thomas Hamilton's attack. Note: the pagination in this document is not reliable.