Randy Stair
8 June 2017 · Weis Market · Tunkhannock, PennsylvaniaUSA

Original documents

“Andrew Blaze — Early Years Information” [3 pp, 10 Kb]

Stair created an identity for himself as Andrew Blaze. This document describes his social difficulties in childhood. 

“Please Read” (Randy Stair) [5 pp, 73 Kb]

This describes the cache of materials Stair left behind him, as well as some comments about his life and beliefs about what will happen to him after death. 

Randy Stair’s Autopsy [10 pp, 8 Mb]
Randy Stair’s Journal [237 pp, 89.58 Mb]

Stair kept a journal from 23 November 2016 through 5 June 2017.

Randy Stair’s Website [2 pp, 437 Kb]

Stair created an alternate identity for himself as Andrew Blaze. This is the homepage of his website.