Myron May
20 November 2014 · Florida State University · Tallahassee, FloridaUSA


Myron May: Descent into Delusions [3 pp, 84 Kb]

This article discusses May’s psychotic symptoms, school shooting, and the lack of a coherent rationale for his attack. 

Original documents

Florida State University Shooting: Police Report [103 pp, 6 Mb]

This document includes the details of the law enforcement response to the incident, as well as copies of writings by May (these appear multiple times in the document).

Myron May Police Report: October 7, 2014 [3 pp, 147 Kb]

This is a report on a call by May’s former girlfriend who expressed concern regarding his psychological condition after he showed up at her home and seemed incoherent and paranoid.

Myron May Police Report: September 7, 2014 [2 pp, 132 Kb]

This report documents May’s complaint to the Las Cruces police that he was hearing voices in his apartment and believed he was under surveillance.

Myron May's Autopsy Report [25 pp, 14 Mb]

This includes a general evaluation of his medical condition, details about his multiple gunshot wounds, and notes that he had amphetamines in his system.

Myron May’s Final Writings [25 pp, 892 Kb]

This document consists of pages extracted from the document “Florida State University Shooting: Police Report.” These pages include May’s account of himself as a “targeted individual,” a letter he mailed to multiple people, and other related materials.

Myron May’s Resignation Letter [1 p, 267 Kb]

This is May’s letter to his employer, dated 6 October 2014 (the day before his former girlfriend contacted the police out of concern for May’s condition).