Jose Reyes
21 October 2013 · Sparks Middle School · Sparks, NevadaUSA


Jose Reyes: A Profile [4 pp, 477 Kb]

The school shooting by Reyes has not received much attention, but it has particular interest because of his extreme youth. He committed his attack at age 12, making him the second youngest rampage attacker I am aware of, after Drew Golden, who was 11. Note: since the attack by Reyes, another 12-year-old, Mason Campbell, committed a school shooting. Of these young shooters, only Reyes died by suicide. 

Original documents

Jose Reyes: Police Report [1298 pp, 79 MB]

This collection of material includes many pages of police paperwork documenting their response to the attack. It also includes interviews with family and friends and remains the single best source of information regarding Reyes that I have found.

Jose Reyes’s Letters [2 pp, 1.43 Mb]

Reyes left behind two letters: one to his parents, and one to the teachers and students at his school.