Duane Morrison
27 September 2006 · Platte Canyon High School · Bailey, ColoradoUSA


Duane Morrison: A Profile [4 pp, 72 Kb]

This article pulls together the little available information on Morrison and explores his psychological dynamics.

Original documents

Duane Morrison's Autopsy Report [16 pp, 871 Kb]

The autopsy notes a trace amount of opiates in Morrison’s urine, though the blood screen was negative for any prescription or illegal drugs. Also, the autopsy notes gunshot wounds that Morrison sustained prior to the self-inflicted shot to his head that resulted in his death. 

Morrison ATF Report [82 pp, 6.87 Mb]
Morrison Colorado State Patrol [21 pp, 1.7 Mb]
Morrison JCSO Report [221 pp, 14 Mb]