Bastian Bosse
20 November 2006 · Geschwister Scholl · Emsdetten, North Rhine-WestphaliaGermany

Original documents

Sebastian Bosse’s Journal [5 pp, 48 Kb]

This includes his entries from 10 August 2006 until 20 November 2006 (the day of his attack).

Sebastian Bosse’s Online Journal [13 pp, 75 Kb]

This is Bosse’s LiveJournal page. It includes entries from 2 September 2004 through 15 August 2005 (in reverse chronological order).

Sebastian Bosse’s Website [3 pp, 422 Kb]

This is a translation from German of the content of Bosse’s website, consisting of his rant against the world.

Transcript of a Video by Sebastian Bosse (version 1.1) [1 p, 27 Kb]

This is a transcription of video Bosse made of himself ranting against the world (in English).