Keeping Kids Safe

School Shooting in Brazil: Shock and the Search for Meaning
Why is it so hard to recognize that violence can happen anywhere?
Jared Loughner: What Kind of Psychosis?
Anniversary of Dawson College Shooting
Four years after the Dawson College rampage, what have we learned?
Sex, Love, and School Shooters: Eric Harris
 School shooters typically experience extreme frustration and/or anguish in their pursuit of intimacy, whether their primary focus is on finding love or simply having sex. Though Eric Harris's attack was influenced by multiple factors, did the issues of love or sex play a role in the dynamics that culminated in murder?
Season of Rampages?
Shakespeare and School Shooters, Part 2 (Romeo and Juliet)
Three rampage shooters have cited "Romeo and Juliet"--what aspects of the play have they identified with?
Shakespeare and School Shooters, Part 1
Why did Eric Harris identify with Caliban?
To Kill and To Die: Suicide and School Shooters
I recently read a statement that all rampage school shooters are suicidal. Though many school shooters are suicidal at the time of their attacks, there are exceptions.
Criminals and Crime-Fighters in the Families of School Shooters
The Career Aspirations of Shooters